The 2021 Marathon Challenge?

Step Two (10K) Begins April 18, 2021


Over the last 10-Years, Run for God has been known for making big dreams come true. Our proven plans and coaching have now been taught to over 200,000 students in over 5,000 communities around the world. We've taken thousands of "I can't do thats" and turned them into "I just dids". Now with the creation of the Run for God RunClub we are prepared to couple our flagship 5K Challenge with our all new 10K to Marathon Challenge to create what we hope will be the largest marathon training group in history and we want you to join us! Now before you say “I can’t do that”, just hear me out.


The Marathon Challenge - YES YOU CAN!


If you’re a runner, have ever been a runner, or ever thought about being a runner, what is the number one bucket list item? Run a marathon! It’s the number one answer, but often an unsuccessful goal. Historically if you had a goal of completing a marathon, you were pretty much on your own. As if finding a reliable plan that wouldn’t land you discouraged, burned out, or injured wasn’t challenging enough, you had to most likely go at it alone, or at best go at it with a friend who had as little knowledge about the process as you. As a runner, signing up and completing a marathon is a very daunting task.


We Have a Plan for YOU!


Run for God is here to help. We will do all the thinking for you. We’ll prescribe your training plans, we’ll coach you, we’ll encourage you when things get tough, and we’ll be here to answer any questions that you may have. You’ll also have the support from others all over the country and possibly even in your own community of people who are training right along with you. We’ve spent 10-years building a coaching structure that works, now we’re just upping the goals.


We've Got You Covered!


In short, The Couch to Marathon Challenge is a year-long training group that will begin in January 2021 and finish in January 2022. There will be four milestones. First a 5K in April that we will offer to you for free so long as you can make it to Dalton, GA for our annual Run at the Mill. If not, you can simply find a 5K in your area. Next will be a 10K that you find in your area in July followed by a Half Marathon that will be in October. And lastly, the big show will be the Disney Marathon in January 2022 where we will all come together to cheer each other on and celebrate as a team.




The best part is that this entire experience, which would typically cost hundreds of dollars a year, is FREE to all Run for God RunClub Members. The only question is, will you join us?





What's Included?


  • Free Running Education (5K thru Marathon Challenge)
  • Free Training Plans
  • Free Personal Coaching from RRCA Coach Dean Thompson
  • Sunday Evening Class time with Dean and Mitchell
  • Discounted Run for God Gear
  • Access to Exclusive 5K to Marathon Gear
  • Access to Group Gatherings at The Disney Marathon
  • The Greatest Facebook Accountability Group Ever
  • Access to the Entire RunClub Library of Videos and Podcasts
  • A Detailed Plan of Exactly What to Do and When To Do It So That You Will Be Ready in January of 2022 To Say "I DID IT!"


The Schedule

The Marathon Challenge group is perfect for just about anyone who has ever had a desire to finish a marathon. We encourage anyone, from those who have never run before to those who have already run a half marathon or longer, to join the Marathon Challenge Group so that you can realize your goal, dream, or bucket list item. Imagine having over a thousand people encouraging you along the way as you progress towards the same goal in unison. This is the perfect way to get to that marathon finish line! 


You can begin with the group at any point as long as your training has progressed to the point, or is close, to that of the group. Here are the milestones associated with your current fitness level and the corresponding dates where the program matches:



January 17, 2021

The Couch to Marathon Training Begins

January 17 thru April 11, 2021

The 5K Challenge

February 15, 2021

New to Running, But I Can Run for 10 Minutes

March 15, 2021

New to Running, But I Can Run for 20 Minutes

April 10, 2021

Run at the Mill 5K in Dalton, GA

April 12 thru April 17, 2021

Off Week

April 18 thru July 11, 2021

The 10K Challenge (I can jog 3-miles)

April 18, 2021

I Run a Few Days a Week, 9+ Miles Per Week

May 20, 2021

I Run a Few Days a Week, 12-15 Miles Per Week

July 10, 2021

Find a Local 10K to Run

July 12 thru July 17, 2021

Off Week

July 18 thru October 10, 2021

The Half Marathon Challenge

July 18, 2021

I Run a Few Days a Week, 18+ Miles Per Week

August 20, 2021

I Run a Few Days a Week, 20-25+ Miles Per Week

October 9, 2021

Find a Local Half Marathon to Run

October 11 thru October 16, 2021

Off Week

October 17 thru January 9, 2022

The Marathon Challenge

October 17, 2021

I Have Run a Half Marathon In The Past 30 Days

January 9, 2022

The Disney Marathon or a Local Marathon




The Cost (As Low as 27 Cents Per Day)

couch-marathon-one-yearThere is no cost for the Couch to Marathon training plan. All educational instruction, training plans, accountability, and even entry into Run at the Mill in April (should you decide to come) is included in your RunClub Membership. How much is RunClub? $9.97 per month or 27 cents per day for a year membership. That's right, for the cost of a piece of bubble gum you will have access to the most comprehensive marathon training group ever. There are outside costs. Race entries, besides Run at the Mill, will be your responsibily. Run for God gear will be offered at a discounted price should you want some, and we're sure you will. And any educational follow along material will be offered at a discounded price should you desire to have our student material. The bottom line is that you simply will not find a training group that comes with this level of coaching, who supports a mission like we do, at the price we are offering! 




couch-marathon-one-yearCan I even run a marathon?

With very few exceptions, anyone can run a marathon. Should you get checked out by a physician before starting any exercise program, YES, but that's just being smart. Most people can't complete a journey like marathon training, not because they can't do it physically, but because they can't muster the mental fortitude it takes. This is why friends, accountability, a training group, and encouragement are so important. This is exactly why we are here.

I've never run in my life. Is this for me?

If this were a couch to marathon in 12-weeks, then the answer would be no, but that's not what this is. We take 12-weeks to train for each step along the way (5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2) and even offer off weeks in between. The Run for God Challenges are proven. If you've ever dreamed of crossing the finish line of a marathon then this Challenge is for you.

How many times a week do I run?

Early on 3, then as the year progresses it will increase to 4-5.

When and where does class time take place?

Class time each week will be held on Sunday evenings at 8:00PM Eastern. You will be sent a link to the RunClub page each Sunday telling you where to go for that week's class time. Class time will be held digitally on the RunClub website.

What if I can already run a 5K or 10K. Can I still join the training group?

Yes, and might we make a suggestion. Grab some of those friends who have always said, "I'd love to do what you do" and tell them, "Here's your chance." Become a RunClub leader in your community, host group runs, and get your community active. Every Run for God Coach will tell you that once you start to focus on helping others reach their goal it changes you ..... for the good!

I have friends. Can they join in too?

Misery loves company :) No really, you get what we are saying. While extremly rewarding and life changing the journey to completing a marathon is not easy. Having people around you, even if they are not your pace, will make this journey so much more enjoyable and satisfying.

Do I have time to do this?

Some of the greatest CEO's in the world are marathon runners. They understand the benefit of discipling yourself to do something that many can't. They are extremely busy just like you and yet they make it happen. We find the time to do what is important to us. So what's it going to be, Netflix or go for a run?

When does Disney registration open?

Registration for the Disney Marathon typically opens in late Spring or early Summer, so you have time. With that said, it does "typically" sell out, so you'll need to get registered when it opens and not wait. The Run for God team is currently negotiating possible perks for RunClub, but that may take a while. We'll keep you posted. In the mean time you can learn all about the race by visiting

Do I have to run Disney?

No. While we'd love to see, meet, and celebrate with you at Disney, we understand that some will not be able to make the trip to Orlando in January. Any marathon in January will work well into this schedule. We may have to do a bit of adjusting to make the dates work out just right, but we'll help you out and get your schedule just right.

I'm not a Christian, can I join?

You bet. Run for God is a faith based organization and proud of it, but we love ALL runners and that includes you. Come join us!

Do my spouse and I need separate accounts?

You do not. RunClub accounts can be shared by immediate family members. If there are any giveaways or discounts such as race registrations or other perks however, only one will be issued per account.






The Coaches?


You will notice pretty quickly that there are two different coaching styles during this journey. This was done completely on purpose and for an excellent reason. It is our hope that our approach has led us to a more thorough and well-thought plan than one person would accomplish.

While Mitchell and Dean have very different personalities, they do have two things in common: a love for Christ, our Savior, and a love of running. You won’t find the eloquence of Shakespeare, or the knowledge of Einstein, but you will find heartfelt thoughts and feelings that are our attempt to build you up both physically and spiritually.

Mitchell Hollis, founder of Run for God, does not come to the table with a life long resume of being a runner, but rather a man who is trying to follow God's lead to encourage runners to share their passion through the sport of running. Mitchell considers himself a bit of a slow endurance junkie as opposed to a lightning fast thoroughbred. Mitchell has a history of marathon running and Ironman competing, but has spent the past several years enjoying the task of coaching his son Lane to the world stage in the sport of triathlon. Will Mitchell be training for the Disney Marathon? You bet! In fact, the entire Run for God staff will be.

Dean Thompson comes to the table from a very different background. Dean loves to go fast and to cheer others on in the process. He is a lifetime runner, Run for God instructor, and has forgotten more running experiences than he remembers. Part of that could be due to his age :), but as a proficient runner, his perspective speaks from tens of thousands of road miles.

Both Dean and Mitchell call Dalton, GA home where they live with their families. You will not find a better combination that will bring encouragement, knowledge, and a healthy dose of "kick you in the pants when you need it".